YouTube will now warn you before you post an offensive comment!

YouTube comes up with warnings for offensive comments on videos. It will ask people – “Is this something you really want to share?” – before posting something that might be offensive.

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So, YouTube is coming up with new product feature that is going to warn people if they are about to post a comment that might be offensive to others. Mentioning in the blogpost, this to give them a chance to reflect before posting.

However, this tool will not stop you from posting any comment. The ‘rethink’ is going to appear only for those posts that YouTube might consider offensive. Even after the prompt, users can still go and post the comment take some time to edit it.

Moreover, YouTube has been trying to clean its platform off abusive messages. It has been working on this for a while now. As per reports, the platform used automatic filtering to remove daily hate speech comments 46 times more since early 2019 than before.

Last quarter, YouTube claims that terminated 1.8 million channels and more than 54,000 of them were due to hate speech.

So, now the next time you comment something offensive, you might see a YouTube prommpt.

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