The New Feature Of YouTube Will Remind You To Sleep On Time


YouTube has come up with a new feature. The video streaming app announced that it is launching a new feature called “bedtime” reminders. This will help the night owls to sleep on time.

The new feature is already available for both Android and iOS users. It will be out soon for other users too. Also, the feature is only available for people using YouTube on their phones and not laptops. Earlier, the app came up with another feature called the “take a break” reminder. It was part of Google’s digital well-being initiative.

Users can choose from a time frame and if they exceed that time limit, YouTube will send them a notification about the same. The take break reminder sends notifications to users if they exceed a consecutive viewing time. The company had revealed that it had sent over 3 billion “take a break” reminders in the last two years.

YouTube will allow users to set a “specific time to stop watching and go to bed”, the company revealed in a blog. Also, Users will get the option of setting their start time and end time. They can also choose whether they would want to be notified in the middle of the video or wait until the end.

Like our alarms, we can also snooze reminders or dismiss it.

In this Pandemic situation, we are all time sitting in front of screens. To remove our boredom, we binge-watch Netflix, Amazon prime, and YouTube. This has also disturbed our sleep cycle.

This feature will help the night people to log out on time and sleep.

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