World’s largest chocolate museum opens in Zurich!

Do you too love to dive in deep dark chocolates on your all good and bad days? If yes, then here is a news for you all. Zurich, now has Chocolate museum. It opened on September 13 and is known as, the Lindt Home of Chocolate. Also, it has the world’s largest chocolate fountain.

Talking about the fountain, it hs a height of 30 ft. We are sure as soon as you see it, you are going to crave so bad! Standing in the centre, the fountain greets the guests at the entrance.

The Lindt Home of Chocolate is 65000 sqft museum. It has the world’s largest Lindt chocolate shop, a ‘Chocolateria,’ exhibitions, and ofcourse, world’s largest chocolate fountain.

Zurich opens world’s largest chocolate museum, complemented with world’s largest chocolate fountain
Credits: Lindt

So, those visiting here will get to experience everything about chocolate making. All from cultivation to production. Also, the visitors will learn about the history of Swiss chocolate making. It will teach about Lindt and also about its famous predecessors.

To ensure visitors remain engaged, they have other attractions too. You can also take part in chocolate-making class at Chocolateria and make your own tasty confections.

Also, the Lindt & Sprüngli factory is in Zurich since 1899. The Lindt Home of Chocolate project is in the making for seven years.

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