WhatsApp to soon come up with Vacation Mode feature and more!

For a long time now WhatsApp has been working on its Vacation Mode feature. After developing the feature for 2 years, the app had shelved the feature last month.

Vacation mode
Credits: Wabetainfo

According to a report by WABetaInfo, aap has resumed its efforts in the development of Vacation Mode. Also, it is called as ‘Ignore Archived Chats’.

The Vacation Mode feature lets users ignore archived chats completely. For now the archived chat pop up again when the new message arrives. Vacation Mode changes this by keeping the archived chats hidden.

According to the images by the blog site, archived chats will now have a separate section. It will be present on the top of the chat window. Clicking on the Archived Chats section, one can see chats along with a Notification button.

Talking about the notification section, it has two toggle buttons. The first button is Notify new Messages. This enables users to see when they get a new message in their archived chats. When you disable this button archive chat will hide completely. The second button is called ‘Auto Hide Inactive Chats’. If there is no activity in a chart for 6 months it will automatically archive the chat. The feature is still under development.

Also WhatsApp is working on implementing new media guidelines in the app. With this feature uses will be able in aligning stickers, text and emojis and stickers in videos, images and GIFs perfectly. It is currently under development.

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