WhatsApp Privacy Policy to come in a banner, accept by May 15


WhatsApp is all set to implement its new Privacy Policy in India. For this, the company has come up with an all new campaign. A small banner will be a part of the campaign which will appear on top of the chat list with an option “Tap to review.”

Unlike the last time, WhatsApp wants to communicate the latest changes and is ready to offer its users time to read and then accept.

WhatsApp Privacy Policy: How will the app request for changes

WhatsApp is already using Status to reach over two billion users. Company mentions “WhatsApp can’t read or listen to your personal conversations as they’re end-to-end encrypted” or “One thing that isn’t new is our commitment to your privacy.” WhatsApp chats will have a small banner on top.

The next thing WhatsApp will do is to include a small banner at the top of the chat. This will appear for users in a few weeks. It will invite users to check out the new policy changes, which will open over the full screen. After that ask users to review and accept the updated terms and Privacy Policy.

WhatsApp Privacy Policy: Deadline, and what if you do not accept the new Privacy Policy

The app has done extension to the deadline from 8the February to May 15.

So, this means that the new WhatsApp terms and Privacy Policy go into effect on May 15, 2021. Also, those who do not accept it will stop having access to the app.

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