WhatsApp to come up with new feature of Chat Transfer!


The messaging app WhatsApp is going to launch many features, many of which have appeared in the beta updates. Talking about the latest feature, it will let users migrate chats between iOS and Android. It is a much required that WhatsApp is working on. Many times when you switch to iOS from Android and vice versa, you lose your chat history.

WhatsApp is testing the chat history migration feature. This will allow users to transfer their chat history from Android to iOS and vice versa, easily. This will remove the need to use third-party apps like WhatsApp Plus and more.

Wabetainfo report stated,

“WhatsApp will allow migrating your chat history from WhatsApp for iOS to WhatsApp for Android. It is obvious that WhatsApp will also allow the opposite way. When the user tries to link a device having a different operating system to his WhatsApp account, it’s always needed to update to the latest WhatsApp update available on the App Store or TestFlight, in order to avoid any compatibility error with the Android version,”

Moreover, the WhatsApp features tracker also shared a screenshot of the upcoming feature. In the photo, the caricatures of an iPhone and an Android phone places next to each other. You will find the “Move chats to Android feature” right below.

WhatsApp new feature

The feature like many other WhatsApp features is currently under development.

Wabetaiinfo said in its report that the chat migration feature would be beneficial for multi-device support. “WhatsApp is giving a lot of priority for this feature, that will allow using your WhatsApp account on multiple devices at the same time. The development of the feature takes a long time because it will totally change your experience on WhatsApp, and a lot of things have been rewritten in order to be compatible with multi-device,” the report says.

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