This Waterfall on Goa-Karnataka Border is totally picturesque!

We all must have went to Goa for once. But do you think you have seen it all? Maybe not! So, there is a Waterfall on the Karnataka and Goa border and is truely beautiful!

Surla Falls

So, this was what we were talking about! The Sural Waterfall, also known as Surla Falls, is a beautiful fall near Belgaum in the village of Surla. The water falls from 300 feet above! Also, it is an ideal trekking spot too! Capture the landscape in your eyes and camera with some hills in back and the valley when you trek.

Best Time To Visit

Tambdi Surla Waterfall Trek & Visit to Shiva Temple in Goa

The best time to visit here is the onset of Monsoon. It enhances the view of the grand waterfall with beautiful rainy clouds above. It is quite dangerous for trekking in the season as it gets difficult to navigate.

How to reach

You have to start the trek from Kalsa to reach the waterfalls. From here, one needs to cross the rocky bed that gets converted into a stream during the season. Also, on the way you will get to see the majestic Kalsa waterfall. After that, your trek will end at Surla Falls.

To explore the place more, trek ahead and reach the the Surla Valley. It comes after crossing the falls. It is another great sight to capture!

Location: Surla Waterfalls, Surla village, near Kalsa waterfall, SH31, Karnataka 591345

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