Apart from beaches, Goa has a Waterfall too! Check it out!

When we listen Goa, the beautiful beaches but it has more than this. The Dudhsagar Waterfalls!  Also, travel restrictions have been made easy and more tourist will visit soon!

Waterfall in goa
As per reports, travel organizations from Karnataka and more places have bookings for trekking to the waterfalls this weekend. Also,  jeep safaris to the waterfalls will open soon.

So, one can access the Dudhsagar Waterfalls via trek through the railway tracks. The way is beautiful through fresh water streams and natural environment. Also, the trekking groups and hotels in Collem are offering special trekking packages. These are to the Dudhsagar falls and jungle treks to Tamdi Surla waterfalls till first week of October.

According to the government rules, once jeep safari begins from October 2, trekking packages would be put on hold.

Thousands of visitors visit Dudhsagar Waterfalls last year.

As per reports, pick up and drop services are being provided by operators in Goa.

So, now if you plan for Goa, do visit the Waterfall apart from beaches.

Goa asks for no tests reports and you can chill without stress!

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We are no way promoting travelling in Pandemic. Go if only necessary. Follow all safety precautions and norms.

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