Virtual Unboxing by OnePlus for OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro


After the launch of oneplus 8 and oneplus 8 Pro the company came up with another great idea. It brought the idea of virtual unboxing. Ths virtual unboxing by OnePlus in the time of social distancing and lockdown will let customers feel the real unboxing.

The company has introduced two AR filters on Instagram that lets users to Virtually unbox. The filters use the augmented reality techniques. This gives users a real-time experience and check the device’s make and model without even touching.

On its official Instagram handle, it captioned ‘We’re using simple AR tech to bring a virtual experience of our new products to the community. We’re launching two AR filters on our Instagram channels. One for the OnePlus 8 and the other for the 8 Pro. These filters are a sweet setup to help you virtually unbox the OnePlus 8 Series at any place and at any time.’

To check the contents, the person has to place the AR box perpendicularly on a flat surface. Filters are then applied. The interactive feature allows the customer to choose from accessories or unboxing. The record button is to be used in order to use the virtual service.

This virtual unboxing by OnePlus will give viewers a personalised experience

“Personalised Experience”

The company also introduced a toggle button. This button helps customers to choose from different colour variants. For a 3D experience, the filter advises to rotate the smartphone.

Also the company has asked the customers to share their experience on the social handles. For now, the unboxing challenge has been reserved for the Indian market consumers, confirmed media reports.

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