Join the Diwali celebrations in Ayodhya virtually! Check below how!

For the occasion of Diwali, the Uttar Pradesh state government has set up a web portal to showcase virtual lighting of lamps or diyas in Ayodhya this year.

According to the reports, around 10000 volunteers are working day and night. Also, 24 ghats have a mark for the celebrations to accomplish the task.

As per reports, Ayodhya will be celebrating this occasion in a unique way. The city will have lighting by more than 5 lakh earthen lamps. For those wishing to participate in the celebration, a web portal is being set up. The portal will have a portrait of Lord Rama, beside which one can light the ‘virtual’ lamps.

Also, to make it more real, the devotees will get an option on the web portal to choose from earthen, copper, or brass diyas. Moreover, they can choose between mustard oil, ghee, or sesame oil to light it with. An animated design will guide devotees to Lord Rama Virajman and Hanuman Garhi temple. Here you can enjoy a virtual experience of lighting the diyas. So, in the last step, there will be an option to click a virtual selfie with UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath.

The Chief Minister is keeping a check on these preparations personally, as per an official in the know-how. Also, he will visit the temple for an aarti. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will likely join him in the celebrations virtually.

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