This 86 year old Bhel puri vendor in Faridabad makes an appeal!

The pandemic has affected the small vendors the most. Also, recently, the story of Delhi’s Baba Da Dhaba is viral across the internet. Many people have shared their videos and even went to their stalls to savor dishes. Now, an 86-year-old Bhel Puri vendor from Faridabad needs the same love from people. Chhanga Lal Baba sells Bhel Puri. Also, he lost his wife and young son years back. The older son is paralysed. He with the help of his daughter-in-law is making a living.

A Bhel Puri Vendor In Faridabad

A chatpati bhel puri is all that lights up our mood every time. Chhanga Lal Baba, famous in his area thanks to his Chalta Firta Chana Bhelpuri Shop is winning the hearts of his customers.

Vishal Chaubey shared a video of Chhanga Lal Baba on October 11 on Facebook. The post reads “I met (Changga baba) Age 86 years old, he is working hard to survive life. Changga Baba’s wife is also not with him. Young son died and One son is paralyzed, baba lives for his family. Seriously Those who are around us also need our help and please if you can do something for baba so please visit changga baba chalta firta chana bhelpuri shop.”

86-Year-Old Bhel Puri Vendor Needs Help

At such an age, Chhanga Lal wakes up early in the morning and works till late evening to sell his Bhel Puri. His Bhel Puri costs only ₹5 for a plate. So you can imagine how difficult it must be for him to make a living. He works will fullspirit without fear even in this COVID-19 time. His daughter in law works as a domestic help to meet family expenditure.

Credits: Indiatimes

Also, Chhanga Lal informed India Times that their combined income only comes up to ₹6000. With the amount, he pays for his grandchildren’s expenses, son’s medicines, etc. The house rent goes ₹1200 per month. So, lets spread the name and make more people reach his cart for bring a smile on his face!

Location: Sector 37, Market, Faridabad

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