Vegans! Now say cheeseeee with vegan cheese by Soft Spot Foods!


Most of us love cheese and is totally satisfying. But what about the vegans, lactose intolerants, or those who have gave up cheese for environment reasons? No worries! The solution is Vegan cheese!

Soft Spot Foods • Vegan Paradise

So, a Mumbai-based brand naming Soft Spot Foods brings to us plant-based cheese in many flavors. This creamery tried vegan cheese from around the globe and then made perfections to it.

They offer plant-based Cheddar, Mozzarella, Parmesan and Smoked Cheese. All these are amazing in taste and delicious dairy-free and cruelty-free cheeses. Also, the Vegan Cheddar is quiet sharp in flavor and is perfect for cheese naan, burger, nachos, and cheese toast. The Vegan Parmesan is sharp and tangy and goes very well with pizzas, pastas, salads, and soups.

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Coming to the Vegan Mozzarella, it is mild and creamy and makes those pizzaspastasopen sandwiches. The Smoked Cheese is moderately sharp and smokey and is perfect for cheese board, burgers, and soups.

These vegan cheeses are already a choice in Mumbai food and also many restaurants actually use their cheeses in their dishes. You can make your purchase at their various stories in the city. For online purchase visit on Amazon, or Urban Platter and enjoy the divine cheeses.
They are also available in Pune, Panaji (Goa), New Delhi, Chennai, and Kolkata.
You can also DM them on Instagram or Facebook to know more or call them on +91 99306 69837 if you need more details!

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