RT-PCR is mandatory for those coming to Uttar Pradesh from Aug 1


The state of Uttar Pradesh government makes COVID test reports mandatory for travellers from August 1 to 15. This is for those coming from high-risk states travelling from areas with more than three percent weekly positivity rate. They will have carry their negative RT-PCR test result or full-vaccination certificate.

Uttar Pradesh

Also, Chief Secretary (Health) Amit Mohan Prasad says the rule will apply on those coming by air, rail or road.

He said,

“The restriction is only for the states having high weekly positivity rate of over three per cent. There is no restriction for other states.”

Also, he informed the media that the number of active cases in Uttar Pradesh has reduced drastically to 1093. An order came up in this regard by the state surveillance officer. He mentions that the list of high positivity states based on the weekly positivity rate (July 16-22) will publish on website http://dgmhup.gov.in on July 24.

The order further read,

“Travellers coming to Uttar Pradesh between August 1 and 15 from the states mentioned in this list must make one of the documents available at the point of entry into UP.”

So, the state of Uttar Pradesh has seen a great decline in daily virus cases recently. As per reports, only 56 new cases and seven deaths were reported in the state yesterday.

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