A team of five mountaineers discover a lake in Uttarakhand!

We all feel that humans have done exploring all the places on the beautiful Earth. But, no we are wrong! There are many places that are still unseen. So, recently, a team of five members of mountaineers trekking in Uttarakhand found a new lake. This was at the base of the Sela Pass, at the height of 20,000 feet. Curious? Read more below!

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As per the reports, the lake is spread over 1km with crystal clear waters. Also, the water body flows about 3km north of the pass which links Himalayan valleys of Vyas and Darma near India-China border. The leader Yogesh Garbial said, they were going to inform the state government about a new lake.

“We never heard of the lake even from our forefathers,” said Kunwar Singh Kutiya, a resident of Kuti village in Vyas Valley.

“Having a lake at such a height is rare and villagers would really be happy if it is developed for tourism purposes,” he said.

The team began the journey on October 9 and ended it on October 16. Also, the villagers in the area were unaware about the lake. The discovery was a surprise for them. There were claims from them that they have never heard of it even from their forefathers.

So, when the government gets to know about this, it might become a tourist spot soon.

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