Uber ride video is all the rage on TikTok and Instagram — the driver got a plastic cockpit

Calling Uber Will no longer be the same once the lockdown is lifted . Drivers in India will wear a mask and as a further precautionary measure , their seats may be covered in  plastic , according to a video posted yesterday on TikTok.
The Cab is a fairly confined space . Even a sneeze or  accidental cough that creates tension between the rider and the driver. Putting a plastic cover ensures that even when social distance is not physically possible , the risk of contamination is mitigated to some extent. 
New Safety Guidelines for Uber
  • The ride-sharing company has been asking it’s customers to stay at home as much as possible  for more than two months . And now that the lockdown may be relaxed in many parts of India on May 18, they’re not going to take any chances , according to a company blog post.
  • All Drivers must check-in via ‘Go Online Checklist ‘ before accepting passengers , to verify that their face is protected , and the same is true for riders too.
  • In addition , any time you choose to take an Uber , you will ride with the windows open in the back seat. This means that no air-conditioning ,no matter how hot it gets. If you find that your driver doesn’t wear a mask you can cancel your trip without penalty previously imposed.
  • The new thing that came up is the plastic screens . Although this measure was not outlined in the safety instruction of Uber , the driver in TikTok video – allegedly in Gurgaon’s Udyog Vihar – has a plastic screen to his seat , not like the drivers in China with the ride0hailing service of the Didi.


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