Twitter launches ‘Fleets’globally for all users!

Earlier, Twitter began testing its Instagram Stories-like feature ‘Fleets’. They have been testing it in select countries including India for some time. Now, Twitter has launched Fleets globally for all users.

Twitter Fleets: Stories-Like Feature Launches Worldwide - Variety

So, the Twitter Fleets are like Instagram stories which last for 24 hours, and appear on top of the timeline. Fleets are in display with the user’s profile picture along with Twitter’s blue colour ring round it. Also, the features around it are quite the same. You can post text, photos and videos, and share tweets on Fleets, and see who viewed them.

You can capture photos and videos from the Fleets camera, and also share from your camera roll. Moreover, you can also customize your Fleets with background and text colours. You can reach to someone’s Fleets and also reply to them. These replies will appear on Twitter’s DM. Also, Twitter plans to add stickers and live broadcasting on Fleets soon.

So, On the Twitter Fleets bar, you’ll see your profile picture with a ‘+’ icon. Tap on that and either type, post a photo, capture a photo or record a video and hit Fleet. That’s it. Your Fleet will be posted on Twitter. Also, you can tap on it to see how many people and who have viewed your Fleet.

Also, Fleets work only on Twitter’s Android and iOS apps. This is for posting Fleets and viewing them too. With Fleets, Twitter also joins the bandwagon of the ephemeral 24-hour ‘Stories’ feature first. It is introduced by Snapchat then copied and popularized by Snapchat.

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