Head over here to explore the World’s Longest Sandstone Cave!


Caves have always been a figure depicting past and adventurous. So, we can’t thank enough cave enthusiasts who discovered Krem Puri in 2016. These unique caves are actually the longest ones made of sandstone in India!

The longest sandstone caves in the world are in the North East region. It is located 90Km From Pristine Town Of Shillong. The exact address would lead you to Meghalaya, East Khasi hill district of the village Laitsohum.

So, the nearest airport is in Shillong from where you will have to take a cab. It will take about 3 hours to reach the caves in the cab. Krem Puri is at a distance of 90-100 km from Shillong. Also, by train, the nearest station is in Guwahati. From Guwahati, Krem Puri is at a distance of 160 km. You will need a cab again and it will take 5 hours to cover this distance.

A Day Trip From Shillong

The village Laitsohum in Meghalaya is a remote village and does not have any signs of accommodation.

sandstone cave
Credits: Tripoto

The Cave is 24,583 Meters In Length

Krem Puri is a prime location for discovering ancient fossils. Also, many cave experts come up here to indulge in excavations. And its total length is 24,583 meters!

Best Time To Visit

So, if you are planning to visit, come here in the months of May to September. The pleasant weather in these months adds to your sense of adventure.

So, plan here with your adventurous group and explore the cave!

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