Try the unique Gulab Jamun Pastry and Pizza Bowls from here!

Want a break from cooking for a while? So, if you stay around South Delhi, you can take a day break and get deliver amazing food from FreshMenu. They offer meals, salads, pizzas, biryanis, cakes, juices and many more. Also, they have something unique on their menu: the gulab-jamun pastry.

Gulab -Jamun pastry
Credits: freshmenu

Anywhere we go, Gulab Jamun is the final endings to our meals. A bite of hot jamun is ultimate. Here, you will find a unique pastry. The pastry is a nice mix of English vanilla and desi gulab jamun. So, there is a layer of gulab jamun in two vanilla sponge. The topping is done with the sweet cut into halves and garnished with pistas. You can get this at just rs. 99 without additional charges! Isn’t it amazing?

Along with this, they offer tiramisu’s, cakes and shahi tukda too!

Hot pots and meals
Credits: freshmenu

You can order some amazing main course too. Try out their the Peri-Peri Chicken Bowl if you are a chicken lover. Also, you can pick from their wholesome meals too, that include the Mafia’s Meal, Teriyaki Chicken Hot Pot, Ultimate Burrito Bowl, Mexican Burrito Bowl and Oriental Grilled Fish, among many others.

Pizza Baked Inside A Bowl
Credits: freshmenu

Pizza Jars are quite famous in many cafes. But ever heard about pizza bowls? They have five varities of pizza bowl- Italian Garden, Sloppy-Joe Chicken, Veg Extravanganza, BBQ Chicken and Fiery Chicken. The crustless pizzas are a must have!

Apart from food, they deliver Jimmy’s Cocktails- Cosmopolitan and Sex on the Beach. Check more on the FreshMenu website. Also, they have a branch in Banglore!

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