Try these Home-based Bakeries in Gurugram for Cakes and more!

Who doesn’t love Cakes and Desserts? Bakeries have been too mainstream for long, its time for Home-based bakeries. For sometime now, we were avoiding outside food. But, you don’t need to worry about that. Also, these are competely from one home to yours. So, here are a few amazing home-based bakeries satisfying all your sweet cravings!

1. Wish Granting Factory

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Chocolate Truffle
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Caramel Crunch with Butterscotch

A home bakery in Gurugram, Wish Granting Factory provides you with amazing cakes and desserts and that too customized. Bring onto them the most unique combinations and flavors, they will never disappoint you. So, their bestsellers include Caramel Crunch with Butterscotch, Caramel Donut Cake, and Coffee Mousse Chocolate Truffle Cake. Also, they have brownies, éclairs, cookies and more.

Check out their Facebook page.

2. KRAZY CAKES by Shreya Chawla

Cakes in Jar
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Ice creams

The name is apt for the stuff they sell! Everything from cakes, cupcakes, homemade ice creams to jar cakes and yum brownies is worth a bite. Shreya Chawla, an innovator love to create new versions of simple cakes. All by mixing and trying different flavors and textures. Also, apart from cakes and ice creams, they also have patties, croissants and rolls on their menu. So, orders your patties and stuff to accompany it with your tea.

Check out their Facebook page.
Contact: 9811569099

 3. Bakeology

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Garlic Bread
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Lemon and Lemon Cranberry

Owned by Anshu Upadhyay, Bakeology is a home based bakery in Gurugram specialising in fresh tea cakes, desserts, designer cakes, assorted chocolates and more. So, you can consider is your One stop for all your sweet cravings. Also, their bestsellers include Lemon and Lemon Cranberry Tea Cakes. Now, shift from your regular breads and choose from their varities like Focaccia, Garlic Bread and Whole Wheat Bread.

Check out their Facebook page.
Contact: 9818001424

4. Chocolate Corner

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Truffle cupcakes
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Chocolate cake

Chocolate Corner makes cakes and chocolates with totally pure and highest quality ingredients. So, the next time you feel like ordering a chocolate truffle cake or a big box of chocolates, this is the place for you. Also, Do try their Honey Almond Tea Cake, Mawa Cake and cookies.

Check out their Facebook page.
Contact: 9971249820

5. Nani Ma’s Tea Cakes

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Keeping it simple and traditional, Nani Ma’s Tea Cakes serves you amazing tea cakes. Owned by Reena Malik Madan, Nani Ma’s Tea Cakes is a home-based bakery situated in Gurugram. So, their menu includes Chocolate Chip Tea Cake, Chocolate Walnut Tea Cake. And, Orange Tea Cake, Almond Tea Cake Lemon Tea Cake and many more.

So, check out their instagram or facebook page and place your orders.

 Check out their Instagram page.
Contact: 9560692339

Now, you don’t need to think twice before ordering from outside because they are home made. So, place orders for any occassion or just to calm down your cravings!

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