Order finest Dhaba Meals from this restaurant in Manesar, Open 24/7

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No matter whichever restaurant you eat, Dhaba food always remains special. The flavors in the food is way apart from anything else. Long drives and stopping at Dhaba is essential part of most of our trips. Many of the famous ones are shut after lockdown but something is here to save you! Panchgaon, Manesar, is a roadside highway restaurant, that serves the most amazing north-Indian and Chinese dishes. Also, it operates all-night-long. 

Dhaba style food at Panchgaon, Manesar

On looking at it, you might not feel it as a Dhaba as it has lofty ceilings, glass window panes and trendy interiors. But, the food is truly desi. The place sticks to it tagline as the restaurant promises in its tagline, certifies the dhaba-esque attributes of the place. The al-fresco dining area has old Bollywood posters, and bamboo chairs giving a desi vibe!

Coming to the menu at this restaurant, it has classic north Indian staples like dhaba dal, Chicken curries, and their signature Panchgaon Kaju Paneer Kofta, and more. Moreover, they serve Vada Pav too, just in case you want to have a quick bite. They also have pastas, thalis, dosa, and chaat on the menu. You don’t need to worry about the hygiene as they are quite exquisite. So, if you are travelling somewhere to Jaipur via road this is a must stop! Also, the restaurant is affordable and portion size is also good.

Where: Manesar, Kukrola, Haryana
When: 24 Hours

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