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Think of Jaipur and forts and deserts come to our mind. Ever thought of visiting Pink City and having a stay amidst beautiful waterfalls and nature? Here is a place that lets you be in nature. ‘The Tree House Resort,’ is built in the shape of a tree and is beautiful!

The Tree House Resort Jaipur Resort Price, Address & Reviews

Located in Syari Valley, it has an amazing view of the Aravallis. The Tree House Resort is at Nature Farms that spreads across 300 acres. The resort gets its inspiration from Air, Water and Earth. It has treetop rooms and overwaters suites made of wood. There is eco-friendly standards of construction at this resort.

So, the pathways at the resort go through lush green vegetation, water bodies, and waterfalls. Also, there are several wooden gazebos where guests can meditate, read and relax in the midst of nature.

Tree House Resort Jaipur

So, the property has three types of suites- Tree House Nests, Over Water Suites and Earth House Abodes. The Over Water Suites showcase waterfalls that have outdoor showers, private patios, and glass floors to view the marine life below.

So, what are you waiting for? Book your stay now!

Location: Nature farms, NH11C, Opp. Amity University, 303002
Price for one night: Rs 12,000 (approx)

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