Stay amid the nature & mountains in this homestay in Kalga!


If you are a traveler then you must be knowing that everything here is not easy. From a piece of firewood to crops has a lot of manual effort to it. These things go unnoticed as travel id for leisure only. So, we recommend you pack bags and come to kalga in the magnificent Jingle Jungle homestay. It has hills in front yard and backyard!

Jingle Jungle Home Stay, Kalga, Kasol (2021)

Being in the Parvati Valley, Jingle Jungle is a homestay to reconnect with the nature. You can savor home-made food. So, the house is made with a traditional combination of wood and stucco. It is absolutely in a safe space from the chaos of the city world. The host for you will be Prateek Roy who is a nature and animal lover.

Jingle Jungle Home Stay, Kalga, Kasol (2021)

Get in conversation with Prateek and know about his experiences. You can head out for long walks, and enjoy locally grown pumpkins and broccoli for your lunch. You can see the front of the homestay easily from the pathway with some wooden tables, absolutely perfect to spend an afternoon or evening. So, the rooms in this homestay in Kalga are super cosy and comfy.

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