Tokyo’s new Transparent Public Toilets are stunning, Read Below!

Tokyo has come up with transparent public toilets installed in its parks. Isn’t it bizarre? Of course, imagine how see-through walls can give you anxiety rush. There is so much mental comfort in loos without the views. But let’s see what is behind this abstract idea!

We all know that public toilets have bad hygiene and are usually unkempt. Though Japan’s standards of hygiene are high, people still have hygiene issues in mind. Keeping in mind this washroom phobia, ‘The Tokyo Toilet Project’ has been launched by an NGO. Under this, the NGO will be renovating 17 public toilets in Shibuya’s public parks. This is one of the busiest commercial areas of Tokyo. Reasoning their move, the organization stated their idea behind it. This is to make public bathrooms accessible for everyone, regardless of age, gender, or disability.

Also, the aim is to make people feel comfortable using these public toilets and make it useable for the next person. It is designed by Pritzker Prize-winning architect Shigeru Ban, with a dozen other leading designers. So, one need not worry as the toilets are made from coloured ‘smart glass’ which turns opaque when cubicles are in use by someone.

The latest technology turns the cubicles’ glass outer walls opaque after the door is close, adds the NGO. Also, the toilets light up the parks just like a colorful lantern at night, the organization added.

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