To revive tourism, Thailand introduces 90-day long-term visa!

In order to revive tourism, Thailand is to introduce a 90-day long-term visa for travellers. The Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha made the announcement for the same. As per the new rule, those getting approval for via will need to get quarantine for 14 days. Also, one can choose premium stays in Bangkok.

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1) Those who want a long term visa will have book their accommodation for 90-day stay in the country.

2) Also, those interested can extend the visa for two 90-day periods i.e. 270 days.

3) A proof of Health and travel insurance are mandatory.

4) Also, One can travel anywhere after the quarantine period.

5) As the visas are limited, only people who have interest can apply to the Tourism Authority of Thailand costing around INR 4766.

A safety certification program came up there to see tourism entities that meet Coronavirus health standards.


In may, announcement was there about the Thailand Safety and Health Administration (SHA) Certification Program. This was to make sure the safety of people. Now, it is available for restaurants, hotels, tourist hotspots, tour operators, spas and parlors,and more.

The dead tourism will revive with this step of Thailand. Also, with this the country will see the first stage of tourism.

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