Titan launches India’s first payment watch

Abiding to the social distancing , Titan has come up with five new models of watches in India. These normal watches has a ‘smart’ feature of ‘contactless payment’. For this the company is in partnership with State Bank of India. So, a user has to just tap the Titan watch to the contactless payment POS machines for the transaction to be done. Also, this will only work with SBI Bank card holders.

One transaction has a limit of Rs. 2000. Moreover, for payments with more than Rs. 2000, one needs to feed pin manually.

Out of the five watches, three of them are for men, at a price of ₹2,995, ₹3,995 and ₹5,995. The remaining two are for women pricing at ₹3,895 and ₹4,395. Also, it comes in solid black and brown straps.

Titan Pay is a regular watch that does contactless payments - Tech Ticker
Credits: Tech Ticker

To make the transaction possible, a Near-Field Communication (NFC) chip placed inside the watch strap.

The launch came up after Apple brought its premium Watch Series 6. The 6 series is going to ship with blood oxygen detection feature, always-on altimeter, S6 SiP etc and watchOS 7, prices starting at Rs 40,900 for the GPS model. The GPS + Cellular is at  ₹49,900.

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