TIME FOR A CHILL PILL – Weekend getaway to The Farm!

Its time for a much needed Break!  Neither a state nor a country .. Its a Farm!

THE FARM is an eclectic hotel situated in Jaipur, just a 5 hour drive from Delhi. This bizarre hotel is an escape from the daily rush- rush of the city.

 A new venture where they say modern design is the mainstay and good aesthetics, the mantra. 

This opulence homestay has 5 individual rooms and 2 suites, both amazingly designed!

Food is priority! *WINK*  This place will not fail to impress with its food. They have a small organic garden and the menu is according to what is produced. They have an open kitchen where people can try hands on cooking and show their inner talent. Moreover, they also organise cooking classes! *Fun that would be*  

This hotel promotes the term Community Dining where people can interact and sharee their experiences too!

Apart from cooking classes, they arrange Yoga Classes too but you need to make a prior request for it.

Buck up , Pack your bags and Push the gear!

Where: The Farm

Address: Prithvisinghpura, Dhankiya road, Bad ke Balaji, Off Ajmer road, Jaipur

Ring: +911412358770

Cost: 11000 per night onwards

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