Tiktok secretly gathers children’s data , according to recent reports

In several lawsuits , TikTok has been charged with illegally  hoovering minors records. 

A team of 20 consumer and child protection groups filed first complaint to Federal Trade Commission (FTC) on Thursday . In the complaint TikTok,owned by China’s ByteDance , has been charged of violating a previous deal the company signed with the FTC to not collect under-13 personal data without permission from their parents . 

The deal was reached last year after Musical.ly a U.S app acquired in 2018, had violated the Children’s online Privacy Security Law (COPPA) by taking under-13 personal data. Deal terms included that TikTok should henceforth receive permission from parents to access the data and delete exixting data from underage users – including images. Th penaly was a $5.7 million fine .

” we find that TikTok currently has many regular account holder under the age of 13 and many of them still have videos posted upto 2016 , years before the consent decree”, the groups report states .

They also claim : ” TikTok has not received parental permission for these accounts . contrary to the terms of consent decree, TikTok fails to make appropriate efforts to ensure that a child’s parent receives adequate notice of its activities in the collection, use or disclosure of personal information .”

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