These pretty cafe clusters in Delhi NCR are a must visit!

We all have been to Satyaniketan and GTB Nagar for amazing cafes. They are a hub of Delhi and have nice cafe. So, If you are bored of visiting there again and again, here are some more places that have cluster of cafes! Check out below!

Shahpur Jat

The Potbelly Rooftop Cafe | LBB
Potbelly Rooftop

Famous for designer boutiques, there are plenty of food and coffee places too. From pet-friendly cafes like Puppychino to Bihari food outlets like The Potbelly Rooftop Cafe, the place houses some of the best cafes!

32nd Avenue, Sector 15, Gurgaon

Restaurants At 32nd Avenue Emerge As The New Foodie Address!

Apart from Cyberhub, this is another most famous place in the town. It is known for its unique vibe and takes cafe and dining experience to another level. Some of the amazing pubs are, The Piano Man, upcoming restaurants like Malacca and vegan cafes like Greenr.

Essex Farms, Sri Aurobindo Marg

Rustique by Essex Farms - a cafe with a big heart that will win you over as  soon as you step inside - Reviews, Photos - Rustique - Tripadvisor

The Essex Farms has undergone a complete makeover and is now among the famous cafe clusters in the city. It has amazing restaurants and cafes like Cafe Tesu, Rustique and Yes Minister. So, do not forget to check this out!


Did You Know Humayunpur Is A Food & Shopping Paradise? | Delhi NCR | Whats  Hot | WhatsHot Delhi NCR

This place in Safdarjung has some amazing cafes and restaurants that budget-friendly and serve delicious food and drinks. Some of them are Yo Tibet for some delicious Tibetan and Chinese delicacies, Eat-Pham and Nom Nom for a yummy weekend treat!

Location: Humayunpur, NCC Gate, Safdurjung

Champa Gali

Getaway from 9-5 corporate job to the AESTHETIC Champa Gali ❤️ - Tripoto

Well, you all must be aware of this artistic place! Also, it is full of cafes and looks amazing at night! Head over here for some of the amazing coffee shops in Champa Gali like Blue Tokai, Jugmug Thela and eateries like Social Street, Pho King and more!

Hauz Khas Village

Men on hunt in Hauz Khas Village to abduct and rape: Twitter thread goes  viral

So, if someday you are in confusion of where to go, HKV is always the option! This place never disappoints you and houses some amazing cafes. The vibe of the place is next level! Some of the must go places are Social, Elma’s and more!

Check out the new places and plan a visit with friends or bae!

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