The Musical Pillars of Nellaiappar Temple are worth a visit!

India has a lot of natural gems and architectural wonders. There are many reasons why India is known as ‘Incredible India’. Check out the unique musical pillars of Nellaiappar Temple!

The ‘Nellaiappar Temple’ in Tamil Nadu is one search architecture place. So the beauty of the place is is that the pillars make music. Isn’t it amazing?

The Nellaiappar Temple

Located in Tirunelveli, the temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. Also, The town of Tirunelveli is one of the five places where ‘Lord Shiva’ is said to show his famous cosmic dance.

Constructed in 750 CE the temple covers an area about 14.5 ac. Also, there is a belief that the temple complex is a construction by the successive rulers of the Pandyan dynasty.

So, the unique musical pillars of this temple is a construction during the reign of Pandyan King Nindraseer Nedumaran, a 7th century ruler.

Musical Pillars

On tapping the pillar, it plays a string musical notes. Also, Surprisingly, it can actually produce the 7 basic musical notes. The Music is soothing to ears and peaceful.

There are 161 pillars in the temple that make the musical sounds. Also, when one taps a pillar the others vibrate too!

Musical pillarsApart from this Temple many other temples have such pillars like like the Azhavar Thirunagari temple, Shenbagarama Nallur Temple, and more. But the pillars of Tirunelveli are unique because  cluster of approx. 48 pillars of this temple are from ONE single stone.

Talking about the pillars, the first, the Shruti pillar, can produce basic notes or swaras. So, the second, Gana thoongal, can produce basic tunes that make classical ragas. And the third, Laya thoongal, can produce taal.

So, those love for classical music this place is must visit!

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