Jaisalmer Desert Festival is all set to be held on February 25!


The Annual Maru Desert festival is here again! The Rajasthan state government has given permission to the festival that will happen in Jaisalmer from February 25. The District Collector of Jaisalmer Ashish Modi states that the festival will have a live telecast on online platform, YouTube. Adding, he said the festival this year will feature interesting events. These will include turban tying and moustache competitions, as well as cultural and musical performances.

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Moreover, digital walls will be there at airports, railway stations, and other places. This is to ensure visitors get all the information about the daily events during the festival.

All COVID rules will be in place for the festival. Also, as per the latest reports, to gain entry into the festival, visitors will have to follow COVID rules, use masks, and sanitizers.

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There are hopes that the festival will likely boost tourism in the state. Also, efforts are being done to publicize the festival on social media platforms. A teaser will also come up for the same. Moreover, Spicejet is starting flight operations from February 12 for Delhi and Ahmedabad. This will facilitate people to come to the desert festival. Also, trains from Jaisalmer to Jammu via Jaipur and New Delhi will also be an option for the tourists to reach Jaisalmer.

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