Telegram app gets new updates & features: Checkout below!


With privacy issues in WhatsApp, Telegram is being quite popular now. The app has new features now. It has a new auto-delete feature for messages, home screen widgets, expiring invite links, and more with the latest update. So, with the auto-delete feature users can set an auto-delete timer for messages they send in any chat. Moreover, the home screen widget allows you to access your chats faster. The features are out for Android and iOS versions of the Telegram app.

Telegram Update Brings Auto-Delete Feature, Home Screen Widgets, Expiring Invite Links, and More
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As per recent reports, Telegram was the most downloaded app globally in January. So, the latest update for the Android and iOS versions of the app brings features like auto-delete messages, home screen widgets, expiring invite links, and unlimited members.

According ton official blog post, the auto-delete messages feature automatically deletes messages either after 24 hours or seven days after they have been sent. But in case of a group chats, only admins can enable or modify the timer and messages.


In Android, click on the menu icon on the top right in a chat, select Clear History. Select the time frame.


On iOS, tap and hold a message, tap on Select, then tap on Clear Chat and select Enable Auto-Delete and select the time frame.

Coming to the Home screen widgets, this will allow users to see a preview of recent messages or only the names and profile pictures of contacts.

Also, the Telegram update brings expiring group invite link. This can be made active after a certain time. Moreover, the groups having around 200,000 members limit can now convert into Broadcast Groups. But only group admins can send messages in these groups.

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