Tanishq removes the ad after controversy: Read below

Tanishq, a jewellery brand known for its great range of diamonds and gold. Recently it came up with an advertisment. This ad soon became a controversy. Let us first begin with what the ad was. In the ad, a pregnant hindu woman is being escorted by her Muslim mother-in-law to her baby shower ceremony. The woman asks her mother-in-law that “this ceremony is not held at your home”. The latter replies to it by saying “Isn’t it a tradition to keep daughters happy everywhere?”

Tanishq ad created a 'movement'; many buying products to make point: Ad  maker
A still from the ad

The social media went against the ad stationg it promotes inter-faith marriages. Also, some questions came up why it is only hindu woman marrying a muslim family and not other way round. Because of this, the Tanishq pull down the ad.

Thinking the other way round, the ad might promote the hindu-muslim brotherhood bond. The acceptance of each other and love for each other. When political factors touch the religions and cultures, they evoke a hate and questioning. Interpreting the ad, the mother-in-law did so just to make her feel she is at her home only. With all her love and affection and keeping the religion aside.

So, this might have been the idea behind the advertisment by the company. Many actors from bollywood too came up with tweets on twitter. Also, a hashtag #BoycottTanishq went viral.

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*This is just an opinion on the ad controversy and is not meant to hurt anyone’s feeling or sentiments.

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