Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve reopens with safety rules!

The Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve (TATR) in Maharashtra is going to open from October 1, 2020. Keeping the current situation in mind, as per authorities only a small number of tourists will be there per vehicle for the safari.

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Also, as per reports, the reopening depends on the approval by the local administration and natives.

Talking about other santuaries, the Okhla Bird Sanctuary was open from September 15; Karnataka’s Nandi Hills reopen too
. They are keeping all safety measures to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

The new highlights of this sanctuary are:
  • hi-resoution, 360-degrees camera for real-time bird-watching
  • more new shelters and sheds
  • display signs showing flora and fauna

Also, Nandi Hills in Karnataka was open from September 7. As per reports, about 15000 tourists came in first week of opening . The number might rise in coming days.

rules for entry into national parks
  • Children below the age of 10 years of age, visitors above 65 and pregnant women cannot enter.
  • Not more than six people including a driver and a guide per vehicle will be allowed.
  • Physical distancing, sanitising, thermal scanning and masks are mandatory.
  • Wearing masks, social distance and sanitising hands is compulsory. Also, thermal scanning of visitors will be done.
  • People with symptoms cannot enter the park even if they have done the safari booking in the Tiger reserve

So, now you can visit and enjoy a safari ride in these santuaries and national park. Also, bookings are to be done before.

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