Stay in these Swiss tents amid hills in Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh

Many of us must have heard about Kinnaur and Kalpa in Himachal Pradesh. But must not have a chance to visit the same. So, set in the Sutlej River Valley, lies a small village of Kalpa in the Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh. The Lofty mountains, clouds, lush green fields and pretty apple orchards define the beauty of Kalpa. Here lies a stay place amid the beauty.

The Monk by Livingstone is amid the thick forest of Kalpa. The campsite has five mud huts and four swiss tents with all the modern amenities.

Swiss Tents Himachal

The swiss tents by Monk are a perfect stay. During the day, enough light comes from the tents. They have beds and furnishings. The view outside are the mighty mountains, rolling up and slowly merging with the sky, overtaking the clouds.

Swiss Tents Himachal
Credits: Airbnb

Also, there is free parking on a reservation basis. They might even allow pets on request, with extra charges.

So, make a plan to this campsite and wake up to the Himalayas. Get to see the amazing morning views of mountains and greenery. To explore more about the resort, you can visit their website. 

Cost of stay per night: Rs. 3799

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