Spotify Bedtime feature makes you sleep with a soothing music!

Difficulty in sleeping on time? You favourite music application Spotify has everything sorted for you now!

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For a while now, Spotify and Google had an option for Android users where they could set music from the streaming service through the Clock app. Till now users could use Spotify, or YouTube Music, to wake you up with a track of your choice from custom made list.

The coming up of Spotify  with the Clock app is now being expanded with a new ‘Bedtime’ feature. This will be from this week.

With the Bedtime feature, you can set a timer for slow, soft and soothing soundtracks to make you sleep.

In case you do not have your own playlist for bedtime, Spotify lets you choose from its list of music for bedtime. Not only music, you can also choose podcasts or nature sounds such as waves, rain, water and many more. This will help you soothe down and have a peaceful sleep.

Another option is you can first go to Spotify and create a playlist. After that customize your Bedtime feature from the Clock app. Choose any soft sound that you feel to listen. This way you will be able to sleep with a calm mind instead of waking up whole night.

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