Snapchat adds two meditations for World Mental Health Day!

Snapchat came up with snap Minis this year. So, Snap Minis are basically small product experiences that are available in the Snapchat app. For this, Snapchat partnered with Headspace. Now, it has added two new meditations in Headspace Mini for World Mental Health Day.

Snapchat meditationsSo, the new meditations in Headspace Mini are available on Snapchat from today. They are about 6 minutes in length and have guidence of Headspace’s Director of Meditation, Eve Lewis.

The titlr of first meditation is “Choose Kindness”, and focuses on practicing kindness. The title of second meditation is “Take on the School Year”. It focuses on navigating uncertainty at school. It will help students take a breather and find a resting place.

“At Headspace, we believe that taking a small amount of time each day to take care of your mind can have a huge impact on your overall mental wellbeing. Even though we are separated from friends and family, meditation reminds us that we are all a part of a shared human experience. This is why we are so happy to deepen our partnership with Snap.”

The Headspace Mini has come up with four meditations including “Just Breathe,” “Get out of a funk,” “Kick the panic,” and “Me time.” Also, Snapchat says that within the first month of its launch, over 5 million users engaged with Headspace Mini.

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