Simple Drinks that help Boost your Immune System

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The prevention and Do’s and Don’t of the Covid-19 are all over the news and Internet. Maintain Social distancing, Wash your hands at regular intervals, have hot water and Kadha. The most important thing is immunity. There are some simple drinks that help boost your immune system.

If you have a strong immune system, you can fight it. The importance of Kadha is this only. It helps build your immune system.
Not only kadha, a great blend of fruits and veggies is also a good and healthy option.

So, here are 5 super simple drinks that help boost your immune system.

Watermelon juice

Its summers already and watermelons are a must. They help you body cool down, build immunity and help sooth sore muscles. Blend the pieces of watermelon with few ice cubes. Your self made super chilled and healthy mocktail is ready!

Spinach and Apple juice

We have been listening since childhood that Green veggies are important. If you can’t have one, then Blend one! Clean some spinach leaves and add one apple to it in a blender. Blend the whole and strain the juice. It not only builds immunity but also is a good detox drink.

Honey and Lemon water

In many health videos, we all have seen people suggesting Honey lemon water first thing in the morning. The reason behind this is that Honey is a great antioxident. It cleanses and purifies your body along with building your immunity. In a glass of warm water, add half lemon and 1 tablespoon of honey. Mix well and you are done.

Amla Juice

Our moms and grannies had been after us all time toh have amlas either raw or blended in some chutneys or pickles. This is because amla is rich in many important vitamins. It has calcium, Vitamin C , phosphorus, iron and also boosting your immune system. All 2 spoons of concentrated juice available at chemist to 1 glass of water.

Orange Juice

The intake of Vitamin C boots your immune system. And what is a great source of this from Oranges. A glass of fresh orange juice is full of nutrients and vitamins. It helps keep you away from infections.

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