Short Films to Watch in the end week of Lockdown: Quarantine Watch

Since the start of lockdown, we all are watching TV shows, Netflix , Amazon Prime and even Hotstar. Must be bored Right? Sticking to those long web series and 3 hour movies seems difficult sometimes. Short films are your escape to those OTT platforms.

Here are some short films that you can watch on YouTube to remove the monotony and boredom. They are not so long and you can watch a lot of them in a day.

1. Khujli

Casting, Neena Gupta and Jackie Shroff in the film, this is based on a middle aged couple. They try to bring on some spice in their lives, somewhat Fifty shades!

Watch here.

2. Chhuri

The film is based on extramarital affairs. Herein, Anurag Kashyap plays the role of husband to Tisca Chopra and is having an affair with Suvreen Chawla.

Click here to see the climax.

3. Juice

Starring Shefali Shah, this short film is about how women are treated in homes. While men enjoy in the drawing room, women are stuck in the kitchen preparing for them. To see the twist, watch it now.

4. Chutney

This film teaches you to take revenge in a calm way. Starring Tisca Chopra and Rasika Duggal, Rasika has a crush on Tisca’s husband. She teaches her something in a calm tone.
Watch here.

5. Ouch

Here is an another extramarital for you all to watch. Starring Manoj Bajpayee and Pooja Chopra as someone’s husband and wife, they meet in a room to relax. But things go other way round.

Check it out.

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