See your cars go upwards on a slope in Magnetic hill, Ladakh!

Many people have a fear of falling down. But there are some places that are defy the gravity, drawing objects upwards. And this phenomenon occurs in the Magnetic Hill of Ladakh. About 30 kilometres far from the Leh city, cars are seen rolling up the hill, even without a driver. Curious to know? Read below!

See Cars Go Upwards, All By Itself

As you travel 30 kilometres to west of Leh, you get to see the board defines, “Magnetic Hill: The phenomenon that defies gravity. Park your vehicle in the box marked with white paint on road.” So, if you ask a local, he might explain that the path was once a road to heaven and God used to pull up the worthy candidates through this road. It is a myth and some people still believe it!

So, as per science, there are two explanations to it. One saying, the surrounding hill has a powerful magnetic force with which it attracts objects towards itself. Another explains that the cars actually go downhill, but they seem to go upwards due to an optical illusion.

Revealing the magic of the Magnetic Hill - Media India Group
Credit: Media India Group

So, the most ideal time of visiting the Magnetic Hill of Ladakh is from July to October. The road remains clear during this time and thus the reverse gravity can be experienced best.

Mysterious Magnetic Hill near Leh in Ladakh
Credits: nerdstravel

Another spot just like this is Gujarat’s Tulsishyam hill. Here, the vehicles parked close to this hill are known to go upwards if hand brakes aren’t applied. Some other include, the Electric Brae in Scotland, The Gansu in China and more.

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