Security issues of Zoom: The meeting app


In the time of this pandemic everyone is working from home. Zoom app is an easy way to work from home. But the security issues of zoom are creating a question on it.

The Zoom app, is a video conferencing or a meeting app on which numerous participants can attend the meeting.

With the uses of the app all over the world, the Home Ministry of India has cautioned people against security of the app. This warning by the government came up after India’s nodal cyber security Agency, Computer Emergency Response Team of India has cautioned against the vulnerability of the app.

With the rise in the security issues of the application, countries like Germany Taiwan and Singapore has already banned the app.

Due to security issues of zoom, other apps may take over soon.

The agency pointed out that the app has some loopholes or weakness. It may lead to Cyber attacks and leakage of some important information to the criminals.MHA the news advisory, has asked people to follow some security guidelines for using the app:

  • Create a new user ID and password for each meeting
  •  Create a waiting room in the app so that a user will be able to enter the meeting only when the host gives him permission
  • Disable the Join feature before hosting
  • Allowing Screen sharing by Host only
  • Disabling “Allow removed participants to re-join”
  •  It is recommended to disable file transfer
  •  When all participants have joined, it is advised to lock the meeting because of safety
  •  Restrict the recording feature
  • To end meeting (not just leave, if you are an administrator)

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