These destinations near Delhi have low or no human habitation!


The second wave had hit hard than before but now the daily positive cases are slowing down and destinations are opening up. But we should not travel to rushy places but to safer destinations. So, here is a list of spectacular destinations near Delhi which are far away from human habitation. Check below!

1. Dausa, Rajasthan

Dausa: History, Geography, Places to See | RajRAS

The main attraction here is ‘Chand Baori’ located here in Dausa, a tiny village in Rajasthan. Also, this place is home to many ancient marvels like Bhadrawati Palace and Khawaraoji.

2. Champawat, Uttarakhand

Champawat | District Champawat : District Administration of Champawat |  India

Not so famous offbeat destination in Uttarakhand, it is nestled in the Kumaon region. Champawat has water on two sides and hills on the third. The scenic ambience gives you the vibes of visiting a tiny town in Europe. Also, Champawat is famous for housing Manokamna Purn Mandir Kaula, a revered Shani temple.

3. Morni Hill

Morni Hills (Panchkula) Near Chandigarh| Weather, Images, Hotels

Around 3,900 meters above sea level stands Queen Morni’s in Haryana. This place has a historic fort and is a perfect offbeat getaway for adventure sports and idyllic pastures.

Drive time: 5 hours from Delhi

4. Barog, Himachal

Destinations near Delhi

This place is only 60 km from Chandigarh and this hill station remained mostly untouched by tourists until a few years ago. The Dolanji Bon Monastery here exudes radiating peace. The Choor Chandni Peak and Solan Valley decorate a perfect setting for camping with friends. You can also visit Suketi Fossil Park to observe soft sandstone and clay rocks.

Drive time: 6 hours from Delhi

5. Nahan Himachal

Destinations near Delhi

This little town is an ideal place if you are looking to disconnect from humans. The Shivalik range crown jewel of this place but the scenic beauty is not the only attraction. The camping site Kangojodi is the best retreat away from the concrete jungle. Here, you can spend some alone time under the stars in the wild. 

Drive time: 5 hours from Delhi

Disclaimer: We do not encourage travel but if you must, ensure that you do it safely following all the necessary protocols.

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