Subsequent to opposing a squeezing inclination to pick from the throughout the day breakfast menu {sausage and eggs forever!}, What we had was flame broiled fish in lemon margarine sauce, Polo Chicken, Cheesy Parsels and veg lasagna.

While sitting tight for our nourishment, we drank down a glass of espresso and kiwi mojito. The espresso had less sugar and was strong and the mojito was totally a chilled treat…

The non veg eater appreciated the fish that accompanied the ideal flavoring and fries.Another dish was the Polo chicken that came loaded down with three unique sorts of cheddar and a charming smiley-confronted pile of pound potato!

The lasagna was spicy with layers of veggies, sauce .. A version of a normal spring roll!

Then, we sat tight for the desserts!.. It was consummately liquid and soft inside and a dried up outwardly. It likewise accompanies scoops of vanilla frozen yogurt and raspberry syrup! The owner Kritika is basically from Darjeeling & is pretty interactive.. She is a food blogger too!

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