Experience Santorini at this place in Hyderabad!


Santorini is one of the most famous and beautiful Greek islands. The eye catching cube-shaped white buildings with blue accents, on steep hills overlooking tangerine sunsets, Santorini is a paradise. So, travelling there is surely not possible for now, but Hyderabad people can experience Santorini in Jubilee Hills. And for that beautiful experience, head to Hoppery, the first ever microbrewery in Hyderabad by The Olive Group. So, they are offering a glasshouse seating experience, with craft brews and delicious food. So, after lockdown time, a visit to The Hoppery will experience you to Santorini.

the hoppery hyderabad
Picture Credits: The Olive Bar & Kitchen

So, the glasshouse is in between lush foliage and greens. This brewery shall give you total European feels. Sabina Singh is the design director for the Olive Group and has designed this space along with architect Sanjana Reddy. You get to sit in the cozy glasshouse or you can choose to experience the windmills complete with wooden benches and tables. The Hoppery is beautifully decorated and perfect for Insta-worthy pictures.

The Hoppery, 10% Off On Food Bill, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, Hyderabad
Beers With views 

Hoppery serve you four kinds of beers naming Copperead (Dark Lager), HopNotch (IPA), White Spice (Wheat) and HyderaBrew (a root beer inspired by the flavours of Hyderabad). To experience the next level beers, then indulge in beer cocktails here. Hop Notch beer, Citron Bomb or the Espresso concoction, The Cure, will let the beer do all the talking.

Delicious European Food

So, the place promises fabulous food created by the culinary genius Chef Shaun Kenworthy. Tickle your tastebuds with the Mediterranean platter of Hummus and Pita, Hot Forest Mushroom and the UK favourite Fish n Chips. Also, for mains, an array of pasta and pizzas will make you experience Italy. So, coming to desserts, indulge in Nutella French Toast and Classic Orange Zest Cheesecake.

the hoppery hyderabad
Picture Credits: Facebook/ The Hoppery

So, add this place on your wish list and visit here when you next time go to Hyderabad!

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