Battery capacities of Galaxy S21 and S21+ revealed in certification

Samsung is just a few months away from another launch of its S21. So, the new Galaxy S21 and S21+ handsets have shown up in 3C certification.

According to the listing, the Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S21+ are to feature 3880mAh and 4660mAh batteries. These are the SM-G991 and SM-G996 smartphones.

Adding, one should no go with the battery capacities as in the listing. The numbers will be higher.

Also, the listing by via My Smart Price reveals that Samsung will not be manufacturing its own batteries this time. These are to be made by a China-based company, Ningde Amperex technology Limited.

Credits: gsmarena

As per a recent report from South Korea, Samsung has plans to ‘kill’ the Galaxy Note line up as soon as next year. Also, it will replace it with Galaxy Fold series. Moreover, it will include the ‘S-Pen’ in next-gen Galaxy S handset. Also, S-Pen support might just arrive in Galaxy S21 Ultra.

The Galaxy S series and Note series both come with almost same set of specs. But the only major difference is the S Pen implementation.

So, for now only these are the leaks and rumors around the new launch of Samsung. For more updates, visit 

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