Samsung could soon launch Galaxy Fold’s $1,100 edition

If the $1,980 price tag on Samsung’s Galaxy Fold is too much for you (it is indeed ) and you just 
want foldable phone, you ‘re going to be pleased to know there could be much more affordable alternative coming.
SamMobile announced on Wednesday, citing Display Chain Consultants CEO Ross Young, that Samsung will launch a “Special Edition” Galaxy Fold in  july  with a $1,099 price tag.This builds up on a rumour that samsung galaxy fold lite is on the way , presumably the same unit.
The cheaper Fold will look like the original Galaxy Fold, but it will have last year’s parts, enabling Samsun to sell it at much lower price. It may require a smaller cover display , 4G  instead of 5G and 256GB base storage . The processor powering the phone should, however, be Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 865.
But,there’s a catch :  the latest fold will be a limited edition product with just 55,000 units . If it’s too much or too little remains to be seen.
The price gap between the original fold and the latest special edition fold is huge, If correct , and could spark a whole latest round of interest in foldable devices. That’s not to say $1,099 is cheap , but it’s almost half the original fold’s price and atleast in the same ballpark as  most top flagship phones today .

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