Salman And Jacqueline Promotes ‘Tere Bina’ At His Farmhouse

Salman khan in interview

Salman Khan and his industry friends have been in quaratine with him in his Farmhouse. These include Jacqueline Fernandez and Waluscha De Sousa also.

Salman and Jacqueline have shot a music video titled Tere Bina. They did the shoot in the farmhouse itself. For promotions, they did an in-house interview.

The actor shared an IGTV on Instagram. They are being interviewed by Waluscha.
Salman mentioned that he had the song in his mind since long.

But the song could not fit in any of his films made under his production house. He added “This is my cheapest production.”

Jacqueline added, “We are used to shooting songs on very big productions, taking large amount of days costume, hair makeup and weeks of prep but all of a sudden we find ourselves working with a team of three people (Salman, Jacqueline and a DOP). For the first time I found myself checking lighting and moving props around. It was a great experience to know that you can use what comes your way and make the most of any situation.”

The shoot of the song went for 4 days from 5:30 pm to around 6:30 pm, Salman mentioned. He said, “You don’t need a hairstylist, you don’t need makeup . This is a learning experience for me that three people can very easily shoot a song.”

Also, they talked about the issues with internet speed while sending to editors.

“Everyone is using wifi. The internet speed was so slow. It used to take us 24-36 hours to download some files. Everything went back and forth for 70-80 times.”

Earlier, both Salman and Jacqueline have released their individual songs during lockdown. Salman has sung and featured in a song titled Pyaar Karona.
Jacqueline saw the release of her music video, Genda Phool.

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