Rizzle and Soundstripe provides better quality music and more!

On thursday, the Indian short video sharing app, Rizzle made an announcement about its partnership with Soundstripe. So, Soundstripe will be providing free licensed music to content creators on the platform.

Also, the partnership will improve the quality of short videos on the app.

Part of the agreement, Rizzle has integrated Soundstripe music in the app. Alsoz enables music-filtering based on mood, genre, and more. So, content creators will get 30 to 60 seconds long sound clips . Buy this they can enhance their content and increase the duration of videos.

Credits: soundstripe

With this it has become the only platform that allows users  30 to 60 seconds long video creation. All so users can now access a lot of music tracks without paying any fees.

Lakshminath Dondeti, Co-founder Rizzle said,

“With the Soundstripe integration, we expand the tools available for our users to make their creativity come alive in their short videos. This collaboration aims to equip Rizzle’s content creators with suitable music that adds the right amount of spark to their videos. Rizzle creators will have access to high-quality music tracks,”.

So, now with this partnership, users have access to quality music and longer video durations in the app.

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