My Ganga, My Dolphin, a campaign to boost eco tourism! Read below

On the occasion of the Ganga River Dolphin Day, India came up with an interesting campaign, My Ganga My Dolphin,. This is in order to promote and boost eco-tourism in the country.

So, the ecotourism programme is at six destinations by the National Mission for Clean Ganga (NMCG). Also, the programme includes safari in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and West Bengal.

This was launched to conduct census of the water animal in the 250-km stretch from Bijnor to Narora.

The dolphin safaris will begin in Kahalgaon (Bihar), Bijnor, Brijghat, Prayagraj and Varanasi and Bandel (West Bengal).

The NMCG director general Rajeev Ranjan Mishra, said “integrate Gangetic dolphin and Ganga conservation with local livelihoods which is in line with the concept of Arth Ganga.”

My Ganga My Dolphin: India launches dolphin safaris on River Ganga to boost eco-tourism

The statement released by the Jal Shakti Ministry read, “This is a joint venture of WII, NMCG and the State Forest Departments, for sustainable tourism linking livelihood through Dolphin Conservation for ecotourism along the Ganga river.”

For now, volunteers from the local community, will lead tourists at all the sites on boat rides. Also, Ganga Praharis are the one who are continuously working for cleanliness of the Ganges in every state.

The country celebrates Ganga River Dolphin Day every year on October 5.

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