Govt. of Delhi eases restrictions on Weddings and Buses capacity!

Delhi is recording new cases every day. But as the cases are rising, the Delhi government has made easy the safety restrictions this week. It made an announcement about the increase in guest capacity at weddings. Also, the passenger count in DTC buses. This ease of COVID restrictions has set has an alarm among the experts. they are expecting a threat of rising cases as social distancing compliance is a question at such occasions.

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Credits: Indian Express

According to new guidelines, a total of 200 guests can now be at weddings. The decision of capacity in open spaces will be by the district magistrates and district deputy commissioners of police. Same will for the passenger count in DTC buses. There has been an increase in the seating capacity of the buses. But the entry and exit in buses will still be from separate gates. Also, masks are mandatory for both weddings and buses. 

As per Medical expert’s suggestions, large gatherings in closed spaces can turn into a super spreader event. Monitoring safety at such gatherings is difficult. For now, the government’s focus should be on crowd control. With an increase in infection due to an increase in pollution, the decision of guidelines restrictions could delay for at least two weeks. 

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