Rejuvenate your mind and soul with amazing views at Vaatalya!


For the brain to work creatively, a good surrounding is a must weather it’s their home studio or a vacation home. A space with a good view, vibe and natural environment can open your mind to great extent. So, amid the Himalayan mountains, lies this beautiful home Vaatalya, an exotic sustainable retreat on top of a hilltop in Solan giving a 360 degree view of the valley

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With a complete harmony with nature, Vaatalya represents a long journey of a family. They left the city life to live a more sustainable life. Also, it is a zero waste campus and has solar power all over. With 360 oceanic view of the Himalayas, one can relax the mind. Also, the cottages have stone walls with fully equipped, modern style flush bathrooms. You can engage in natural experiences like hiking to the waterfall or engaging in local communities, and spiritual mindfulness. 

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So, the foundation of Vaatalya is on the pillars of art, adventure, health, community and radical acceptance to nature. The people here provide you with an ecological lifestyle where you grow the food you eat, introspect on life, and works towards building a sustainable future.    

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